Archive | December, 2011

Central field day: irrigation and cover crop progress

By Max Marriott Assistant Vineyard Manager A hot, dry summer’s day in Central with a slight breeze was stark contrast from the wet and cold field days held elsewhere in the country the preceding fortnight. There was a good turnout despite Christmas just around the corner, with everyone busy bringing vineyards up to speed before […]

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Compost, sowing beneficial plants… and frost

By Grant Rolston, Vinewise Viticulture Budburst occurred as predicted around October 5th. We spread compost in the organic vineyard at budburst. Ideally this would have been done in Autumn or a bit earlier in spring. Difficulty in locating a compost spreader delayed the timing. We made compost from our 2010 grape marc; we added rye […]

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Inter-row crops

By Jacqueline MacLaurin, Vineyard Technician, Wither Hills The late spring conditions have been perfect for the germination of seed sown and for the growth of those crops sown in early spring. In initial stages of the project, in late winter, our project advisor Bart Arnst came to visit the vineyards that are part of the […]

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