Cultivation and spring growth

By Caine Thompson

Viticulturist, Mission Estate


We have recently completed the first pass of cultivation for the season and have found that soil is turning over in this first phase a lot easier than what it did this time last year.

The soil is soft and crumbles away as it is turned, which I’m sure will make it comparatively easier when we go through and cultivate again with our undercutting blade. Bud burst is underway and both Merlot and Syrah blocks look even, and there are no visual differences between bud burst or shoot growth between the organic and conventional blocks. We have applied one ground drench across the whole vineyard and have applied one sulphur and copper across all of the blocks. The early part of spring has been dry so we have been irrigating earlier than what we have been in previous years.

Our next task will be shoot thinning these blocks, however we will wait for the late spring frosts to pass first!

Early spring (Oct 4th) in the Syrah: conventional on left, organic on right