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Cutting through compaction: more on the para plough (with video)

By Jacqueline Maclaurin Viticultural Technician, Wither Hills As the season warms up so too does the shoot, weed and grass growth. The buckwheat and Phacelia are showing signs of growth. This year we sowed at a rate of 35 kilograms per hectare of buckwheat and 3 kilograms per hectare of Phacelia. This season we are […]

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Spring sprays and cultivation continue

By Caine Thompson Viticulturist, Mission Estate We have experienced a relatively dry spring to date with little rainfall. Growth is therefore steady but is fairly patchy in terms of shoot growth along canes in both Merlot and Syrah blocks. To date we have applied sulphur and copper to the canopies of both organic and conventional […]

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