Slideshow: Pinot Noir, Marlborough

During the 2011-12 season, the organic Pinot Noir developed a less vigourous canopy than the conventional, and was behind the conventional in its growth stage for much of the season. Reasons for this are not known but could include rootstock differences, young vines adapting to having their surface roots cut by cultivation, or other factors, as discussed in the full annual report. This was the second year in organic conversion for these vines.

  • Organic Pinot Noir, 3 Nov 2011Conventional Pinot Noir, 3 Nov 2011
  • Organic Pinot Noir, 31 Jan 2012Conventional Pinot Noir, 31 Jan 2012
  • Organic Pinot Noir, 14 March 2012Conventional Pinot Noir, 14 March 2012